If as mentioned above , the NI application always grabs all channels without an option to reduce the number of active channels, then this is an issue of the application in question. Also, Kore allows me to route the audio from all softsynths to the same audio outputs, which the Fireface does not. Now, let’s take two of the softsynths that come with Komplete 4: Usually, with the Fireface being the master clock source, the sample rate in the Fireface settings dialogue matches the sample rate specified in the softsynth, but this was not the case. To answer your qestions, daniel. I guess that’s the problem:

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Having added control can be a plus at times, but I think users should be given the option of uncontrolled digital mixing as well. Thanks MC, page 27 of the user manual contains some interesting info about firface you’ve just said, if that fixes my issues I’ll owe you a pint: If the application were going to try and hog all available channels anyway, then why would Native Instruments have bothered to provide users with the option firetace enabling and disabling channels in their software?

Usually the symptom is the opening of a new application cutting out the audio on the previous application. The device can thus be configured and used as a stand-alone device, without being connected to a computer, e.

ASIO multiclient works fine on Kore!!! Unfortunatelly, I think he uses Macs exclusively which will make any observations inconclusive, yet interesting: I sent an email to Native Instruments yesterday regarding this issue but they haven’t replied yet.


FireWire & USB

Yes, the Fireface was configured. I’m afraid this appears to be a user error Multiface II Out of production! The conclusion is that the Fireface slows my workflow down becasue it does not allow me to use various applications at the same time, and I always end up fiddling around with the settings in Winamp, TotalMix, etc. Lots of advanced and unique features. Mon Oct 17, 4: I think knowing how the Konnekt 24D behaves would clarify a lot of things.

I always use the ASIO driver because it offers the lowest possible latency.

Ableton Forum • View topic – RME USB driver = problem ?

I even added Reaktor, Firefave and Kontakt into the equation and everything still worked, so I don’t think it’s fair to blame NI. I am a bit angry. Nevertheless, ASIO multiclient operation does work. I found that often I had to re-assert the audio settings within the application that could not be heard in order to wake up the ASIO driver, as if it had to be made aware that the application that could not be heard was trying to use the driver.

But from native instruments. Hence the “play stops” part of asuo post.

I’m afraid I don’t quite see the connection The feature may be there, but I can’t rely on it. These can also firdface used as additional Line inputs.


ASIO multiclient not working properly (Page 1) — FireWire & USB series — RME User Forum

I got crackle, dropouts, crashes There was a there also. I also had a hard time getting the Fireface clock to work. The only downgrade is when I set the volume control in Foobar to full attenuation the sound gets distorted like a feedback. Clearly some of us are having problems and I realise that other users are reporting trouble-free operation of their RME interfaces, so maybe we are missing out something?

The DSP-based TotalMix mixer allows fully independent routing firefface mixing of all 18 input and output channels to all 18 physical outputs. The same applies to the balanced rear analog outputs 1 to 6.

I have to doubt that you configured Cubase correctly. For me, the only way I could have an audio editor fieface media player run alongside the HDSP was to simply buy another interface TC Konnekt 24d just for that job. ASIO is a proprietary system for managing the audio connections of a computer or audio device and thus all connections are managed by a proprietary interface.

It might be RME policy to deliver on the exact description of a product but you should know that’s not really the norm for most companies.