He writes that the “predominantly Asian area For their part the band were uncompromising. And if ‘s ‘Quiet Storm’ had been any more laid back it could have been bottled and sold as Valium. Croydon’s Case were cracking — they specialised in a ballsy brand of high-octane pop fresher than Max Miller chewing polos in a mountain stream and were fronted by the exceptionally expressive Matthew Newman. The good guys with the Criminal image”. Perhaps it’s unsurprising the gig has been swept under the carpet of musical history:

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In Britain Oi fizzled out and turned to shit for many a barren year. As British Punk degenerated after its ’81 boom, the skinhead scene became a political battleground and turned sour. Pictures of him storming the stage where singer Hank Wangford was skrewddriver appeared in national newspapers; although Crane was clearly identifiable, no action was taken. Going through that zine once more I feel that suffocating atmosphere again. No, what gets up my nose is an unpleasant slug called Dick Hebdige who purports to offer a sociological guide to skinheads.

Misunderstood or hateful? Oi!’s rise and fall | Music | The Guardian

Decca deleted the record and Bushell got all indignant:. The 4-skins refused to play RAR gigs, not wanting to be poster boys for Trotskyism. Especially when you also recall which paper gave the most coverage to this sensational street movement.

Presiding Judge Hall told the Upstarts team: With the money that Could bring the band Would be transformed over night but if they were they Could also find themselves UP against some serious problems. Inevitably by the early Eighties, Robert was closely associated with the New Romantics i. Each Dawn I Die. Anyway, some folks of my scene became part of The Temple and later founded the Psychic Warriors ov Gaia — you might remember them.


Instead, we airbrushed the tattoos out. Views Read Edit View history. The Last Resort split with French later in ’82 to re-emerge as The Warriors, but back then they were never sufficiently motivated to skrewdrivrr on their potential. The idea that the bands had gone to Southall to deliberately provoke a race riot just to be able to cash-in on the ensuing publicity is just daft. They wrote off the threat from the British Movement we called them the German Movement in their first Sounds interview.

Nicky Crane: The secret double life of a gay neo-Nazi

To the mass media, the events of July 4th were manna from heaven: The next morning, the Cockney contingent split into two vans — one that went on to the next gig at Huddersfield, the other containing Mickey and Grant that went cruising round the city looking for any likely punters who might know the whereabouts of their stolen gear. Opposing them were a raft of equally extreme Trotskyist bands and performers, like the Redskins, the Newtown Bshell, Attila and Seething Wells.

Although they called themselves socialists, Red Action were led by hard-core Irish nationalists and we disagreed passionately about Ulster and the Falklands.

In retrospect Gordon was bad for the band. The 4-Skins manager Garry Hitchcock said “If we’d really wanted to go to Southall and smash it up, we’d have come with geezers — and left all the birds and the kids behind”.


It was only when the album came through for me to approve the artwork that I saw his tattoos. A freelance journalist called John Glatt came and spoke to skinheads at length and filed a sympathetic report to the News Of the World. Inhe appeared on the cover of the Oi! Police interest stemmed from the Upstarts’ championing of the cause of Birtley amateur boxer Liddle Towers who died from injuries received after a night in the police cells.

The pub venue was packed far over capacity with a motley crew of skins, working class punks and soccer rowdies drawn from the ranks of West Ham, Spurs, Millwall, QPR, Arsenal and Charlton.

He once led an attack on an anti-racist concert being held in Jubilee Gardens in London. But our crowd are the same age as us.

Garry Bushell | standupandspit | Page 3

At its best it went beyond protest, and dreamed of a better life: The only other major run-in they ever had with the far right was at Barking station the following February, and once again the master race contingent got bashed. The cynical claimed he didn’t want commercial competition for ‘his’ skinhead clothes market. Anyone at the recent Radical Left Assembly, Take back the City launch or the Brick Lane Debates will have heard the poetry of protest bushdll again coming to the fore.

People like Militant are thoroughly machiavellian.