Item Description The group name. Resolution You can set the resolution for scanning page Select “Run” from the Start menu on your task-bar. Editing the soft keys Up to five advanced functions of each mode can be displayed on the ready screen. Page 29 Click [Print]. Select the item to set.

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Password Enter the password if necessary. Proceed to step 5. The document for delayed transmission is stored in memory until the specified time, at which point transmission will start.

Muratec MFX-3510 Multifunction Printer

Prohibiting broadcasting You can prohibit the entering of multiple destinations to prevent transmitting to unintentional destinations. Lightens the entire image. You can also edit the selected history before using it as a destination.

Select the group you want to delete, and press [Delete].

Destination confirmation function You can check the entered destinations on the display at transmission. Normally it is not necessary to change this setting from its default value. See the Printer Guide for more information. The machine returns to the default settings if it is left without any operation for a designated period of time.


Canceling the transmission Here we describe how to cancel faxes that are being transmitted.

Murata Muratec MFX 3510 Supplies

The display is in the following order of priority. Load the envelopes into the bypass tray. Transmitting data per page Batch Scan When this function is on, it means that all scanned pages will be saved as one file. Confirmation dial When the confirmation dial function is set, a screen requiring you to reenter the destination will be displayed at transmission. Select the desired FTP server shortcut, and press [Select]. To set cover page and transmission report settings, click [Other Setting] tab.

Specifying destinations Destinations can be specified using the following methods. Storing mruatec documents There are various recording methods available according to the specified settings.

Select the type of journal to print, and press [Enter]. You can select from three types of sender names registered in advance. Enhances red, and lessens cyan.

– Overview-MFX Features

The fuser unit, as well as the area around the fuser, becomes extremely hot juratec machine operation. Press [Yes] and set the document from the page listed on the display. Select this when you want to set the document type automatically. Editing Message e-mail Subject Editing message e-mail Subject When transmitting a scanned image via e-mail, you can edit the mail text and subject of the e-mail you are sending.


To print the manual completely, please, download it. Switch the machine to scan mode. You can also enter the file name using a file name registered in advance.

Selecting the file format File Format You can select the file format for sending. After installation, these programs can be turned back on. Broadcasting broadcast Broadcasting Broadcast You can transmit to multiple destinations with mfd single operation. When you press [No] the job will be canceled.

TIFF scanned document is saved.

Reception Distribute from 4: